Our Social Responsibility


We at Greencom care about the environment and society, and therefore we attach great importance to this when we make any decisions. This means that we must run a healthy business with responsibility for both the environment and society. We constantly work actively and purposefully to reduce the impact on the environment. This applies, among other things, to energy consumption, energy sources, packaging, raw materials and transport. This means that we only use suppliers, carriers, freight forwarders and other partners who live up to our expectations of sustainable operations. We therefore work closely with our partners, and especially in the production and shipping of goods. This way we can ensure that this is taken care of in the best possible way.


PC Components

We only purchase PC components from reputable suppliers that meet our expectations in terms of sustainable operation, CO2 emissions, and safe working conditions with a fair wage for both employees and workers. Examples of vendors like this are ASUS, MSI, Chieftec and Corsair. For customers, this buys high-quality and ethically-produced components.


Shipping from manufacturers and suppliers to Greencom takes place mainly through the postal and logistics groups Posten Norge (Posten / Bring), General Logistics Systems Germany and Rhenus Logistics. Among other things, work is being done to establish alternative vehicles that use renewable fuel. In some cases, we receive environmental accounts from the logistics companies. In this way, we can regularly check for their measures for environmental responsibility, and can ensure that they deliver in accordance with our requirements.


The packaging we receive from key suppliers is environmentally certified. For packaging various products, we use bubble film, mainly LDPE plastic foil. This is a clear, clean packaging that can be classified as plastic at source. During the recycling process, the plastic foil is ground, washed, re-granulated, and can then be reused in other products. Our packaging manufacturer, Sealed Air, makes running a sustainable business the bottom line of the company´s strategy. This is what sets Sealed Air apart from other players in the industry. Their goal is to make their design and packaging systems 100% recyclable. This is a very important point for us at Greencom. In addition, Greencom uses cardboard packaging with recycled fibers (previously recycled recycled paper) as the main material for production.


We use new and innovative systems for sorting paper, plastic, cardboard, wood and metal. Our agreement with Franzefoss Gjenvinning AS ensures proper disposal of everything from hazardous waste to container waste. In this way, we ensure that our sustainable vision is maintained.

Maintenance of PCs

We only produce PCs that have very good upgrade options and replacement options for later. In this way, it greatly extends the life of the PC, in that you can always replace components in the PC. You then get a PC that lasts for many years to come, at the same time as it reduces the need for new purchases of PCs. We do this by supplying desktops with the latest chipsets on the market, which are therefore compatible with the latest technology on the market. For these chipsets, it is also easier to buy PC parts when upgrading / replacing, as we and other suppliers have it to a greater extent available in stock. We also only use PC components that are compatible with a larger proportion of PC components from other brands and suppliers. We at Greencom produce content to help our customers extend the life of their products. This will reduce EE waste, and the need for new PC purchases.

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One of our many goals when it comes to social responsibility is climate neutrality! We aim to become climate neutral within the entire value chain.

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