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Greencom PCs are designed and built specifically to maximize gaming performance. All Greencom PCs are composed of the latest components on the market, combined with unique and futuristic designs characterized by RGB lighting. Lighting is controlled either with buttons on the PC itself or included software, so you can choose whether you want full with different light combinations, or whether you just want it completely dark.

With a Greencom PC, you get good cooling solutions that minimize noise, while keeping the PC cool. This helps to extend the life and improve the stability of the PC components, in addition to avoiding annoying fan noise. The fan speed is automatically adjusted to the temperature of the components, and you also get the option to adjust this yourself.

Our Greencom machines are built for you who want to be able to upgrade your PC at a later occasion. We equip our machines with the latest chipsets available. If you want to upgrade some of the components in a couple of years, this is a great advantage!

All our PCs come pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro, in addition to the latest drivers and updates that are available. This is "Plug And Play", so all you have to do is connect to your PC.