Greencom Workstation

Greencom Workstations are extra powerful computers, built to meet the extreme performance requirements of the most demanding industries. Examples of this are advanced programming, artificial intelligence, media and entertainment, architecture, design, engineering, construction, and oil / gas.

Each Greencom Workstation is built to maximize productivity and performance, so you can do more in less time and contribute to good "multitasking", in addition to the machine can easily run and process heavier + advanced software.

With quality components and quality assurance, Greencom Workstation is built with a focus on reliability, stability and durability. This minimizes the risk of errors and problems, and in addition makes it less dangerous. Then you do not have to steer with problems, and you get a machine that lasts for many years to come. And, if in the worst case something should happen, then it comes with 3 years of full service with extra short service times of between 0 to 3 working days. This means that in some cases we fix the same day as it is delivered!

  • Faster Results

    Get more done in less time with a Greencom Workstation that delivers state-of-the-art performance, including hardware acceleration, powerful processors and extensive memory capacity.

  • Industrial partner

    We have partnered with several industry leaders, including Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. This is to ensure that the hardware on our Workstations performs work seamlessly.

  • Built by Professionals

    Experienced PC technicians build our Workstations and stress tests against application guidelines with ISV-certified hardware to ensure complete stability under even the most extreme workloads.

  • Lifetime support

    Get access to our Greencom team who will help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues with your Workstation, no matter how long you have had the machine!

Do you need other services? We also offer report serial numbers / MAC addresses, anti-theft marking, unpacking and setup, return and recycling, and delivery in safes. Contact us at or +47 40 00 01 61 for more info!

Greencom Workstation


Greencom Workstation