About us


The story behind Greencom started in 2012 by Oskar Garnes. We have been building countless PCs for years, and because of this burning interest, we started Greencom. We started Greencom in September 2019, and since then we have experienced enormous growth with many new customers. Through our warehouse at Vippetangen in Oslo, we sell online.

Greencom is run by experts with a great "passion" for gaming. Ever since we were established in September 2019, we have delivered over 10,000 High-End Greencom PCs.

We are driven by our ambition to give customers the very best gaming experience, and that is precisely why we do everything we can to make you happy, while at the same time offering some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Our Greencom PCs are built on a focus on design, performance and quality. Through our years of knowledge and experience in data, we have put together builds that are perfect for new and modern games, combined with the latest technology on the market and solid support. Here you get Gaming PCs that will last you for many years to come, with fantastic upgrade options for later.

One of our many goals is to become one of Europe´s largest retailers of Gaming PCs and gaming products!

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