Trust GXT 313 Illuminated Gaming Headset

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Take your gaming to the next level with the GXT 313! This illuminated PC headset is perfect for playing your favorite games because of its soft ear pads, adjustable microphone and inline remote.

LED illuminated sides

Complete your gaming set-up with this eye-catcher. With the GXT 313 headset you will not only feel like a real gaming champion, but you will look the part to. The LED illumination placed on the sides of the headset ensures an attractive design.

Convenient microphone

The GXT 313 has a foldable microphone, which can be used for chatting. The USB connection ensures crystal clear sound and distortion free chatting. So your fellow gamers will not miss a word you are saying during that crucial battle.

Comfortable design

The GXT 313 features soft over-ear pads, which ensure comfort during long gaming sessions. The headband can be adjusted to create the perfect fit.

Produktbeskrivelse: TRUST Nero GXT 313 Illum.Gaming Headset
Beskrivelse: Trust GXT 313 Illuminated Gaming Headset - Hodesett - full størrelse - kablet - 3,5 mm jakk
EAN-Kode: 8713439216011
Produsentens garanti: 24 måneder - Bring-In Warranty
Produkttype: Hodesett - kablet - 3,5 mm jakk
Kompatibilitet: Windows
Anbefalt bruk: Datamaskin
Hodetelefonenes formfaktor: Full størrelse
Overføringsteknologi: Kablet
Lydmodus: Stereo
Volumkontroll i tråd: Ja
Justerbart hodebånd: Ja
Type: Boom
Koplingstype: Hodesett (3,5 mm 4-pols-stereominijakk)
USB (kun strøm) (4 pin USB Type A)
Kabellengde: 2 m
Tilleggsutstyr inkludert: Klistremerke
Kabeldetaljer: Hodetelefonkabel - 2 m
Service og støtte: Begrenset garanti - 2 år

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